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I'm taking a poll here and I'd like to what people think about Peeves. Rate him on a scale of one to ten.
1 = I love him
2 = He's alright
3 = I don't care about him
4 = He's pretty mean
5 = I hate him

For me, it's a ten. Get back to me as soon as possible with your rating.

-Argus Filch
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I truly fail to see the point of this poll.

That aside, I suppose I'll say four, as I haven't been affected by his...incidents...yet. Should he touch any of my belongings it's a ten, and a report to the headmaster.
That's why I'm taking this poll. If he gets all 4 or 5's and I show this to Dumbledore he might tell Peeves to get out of the castle once and for all.

-Mr. Filch
A rather inspired idea, I must say.
Thank you.

WHAT?! You can't be serious!!!

-Mr. Filch
When am I ever?

So what do you really rate him?

-Mr. Filch
2. He doesn't bother me.

You must be crazy...
Most certainly.

I always knew it.

-Mr. Filch
I'll go for a 3. He hasn't done anything to me yet, and you have to admit, the Dumbledore thing was pretty bloody funny.
You can't be serious. You don't care?

What did he do this time?! I wasn't at the Ball. I'm glad...

-Mr. Filch
About a 4 fer me.

1. I think he's pretty funny. And of everyone in the school, he's got the most impact on anyone.
WHAT?! You've got to be crazy!!

-Mr. Filch